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Emma Timmis Illustrations

Bird Coasters | Set of 4 or 6 Ceramic Coasters

Bird Coasters | Set of 4 or 6 Ceramic Coasters

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Add a touch of class to your dining table.  This gorgeous set of bird coasters look absolutely delightful laid out for your guests.  

Each bird coaster features one of my original pencil drawings and is etched onto the surface ensuring the design won't fade.

The set of four ceramic coasters contains one little owl design and three cheeky keas.

The set of six ceramic coasters contains three little owl designs and three cheeky keas.

These bird designs are also available as prints.

*Each ceramic tile is laser-etched in New Zealand.  The machine is operated by hand so each tile will be slightly different and unique.  For this reason I can't guarantee that every single coaster will look identical to the photos here. Some may come out darker and some lighter but they all look awesome!

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